With CARAUKTION DIRECT access to even more vehicles

Bid fast and uncomplicated to vehicles in the trade in process

As buyer

New vehicle

As soon as a new vehicle is unlocked, you will immediately receive a notification. The duration of the auction can be between 30 minutes and 24 hours and is determined by the adjuster.

Submit bid

Based on the vehicle details, condition and availability, you can enter your bid and change it again during the publication period. If two bidders place the same bid, the first one will be considered.

After expiration

After the end of the publication period, you will immediately receive information as to whether you are the highest bidder. The advertiser then has a maximum of 14 days to accept or reject the bid.

Share vehicle

Once the vehicle has been shared, you can contact the seller to coordinate the takeover. In your CARAUKTION Direct account you have an overview of all your bids.

As setter

Record by ID photo

Record the vehicle quickly and easily using ValueCheck®. The more information you provide, the higher your offer will be.

Select auction duration

You can start an auction on any day and at any time. Select an auction duration between 30 minutes and 24 hours. The publication starts immediately.

Obtaining offers

All affiliated buyers will be notified of the new vehicle. During the selected time period, you can place your binding bid.

Release vehicle

After the publication period you will see the highest bid. You have 14 days to accept it and then coordinate payment and delivery.

How can you participate?

You can download the CARAUKTION DIRECT app for free from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. After installation, first log on to www.carauktion.ch. You can then open the app and pair the device with the number displayed.

Click on the buttons to go directly to the respective App Store.

To use CARAUKTION DIRECT, you need a CARAUKTION account.

CARAUKTION DIRECT: Buy additional vehicles quickly and easily

New offers continuously

Continuous buying opportunity - no fixed selling dates


Additional purchase opportunity


Convenient thanks to one-time bidding

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Do you need help or would you like more details on how the CARAUKTION DIRECT app works?

Our customer support is available to you personally at any time. In our instructions, individual functions are explained to you in text form as well as in short videos.