How it works

Prices per vehicle


Cost per publication CHF 49.00
Transaction fee, only due in case of sale CHF 79.00

Auction fee 1)

Usually 0.99% of the purchase price
Minimum CHF 99.00, plus VAT

Transport 2)

Vehicle type Costs
Car: CHF 328.00
SUV/minivan: CHF 406.00
Goods vehicle/delivery truck: CHF 519.00

Payment deadlines

Must be paid within:
5 days Vehicle invoices and auction fees
10 days Service invoices
All prices are quoted plus VAT.

1) An buyer's premium is imposed by CARAUKTION AG on the vehicle buyer (bidder). This amount is charged to the buyer after the auction has finished or is included with the vehicle invoice.

2) In the case of vehicles which are put up for auction and managed by CARAUKTION, the vehicles are delivered directly to the buyer after receipt of payment, on payment of the following flat transit rates. It is not possible to uplift vehicles from the site.