CARAUKTION AG with new CEO: Giuseppe D’Angeli succeeds Daniel Hablützel

Altendorf SZ, May 15, 2024

CARAUKTION AG is the market-leading B2B remarketing service provider in Switzerland: The company offers, in addition to its digital vehicle marketplace, various upstream and downstream services and white-label platforms in the B2B sector. From mid-May, CARAUKTION CEO Daniel Hablützel will take a long-planned break, and Giuseppe D'Angeli, currently CDO/CMO, will in addition take on the role of CEO.

A year ago, CARAUKTION AG and the then carIT AG came closer together under the well-known and established CARAUKTION brand umbrella. Now, the Swiss market leader in B2B vehicle remarketing with its comprehensive range of services in the remarketing sector is seeing a long-planned change in leadership. Daniel Hablützel, who joined the online auction platform CARAUKTION AG in 2007, has successfully expanded the company with his team over many years and has led it as CEO since 2017, will take a break.

In addition to his current role as CDO/CMO of CARAUKTION AG, Giuseppe D'Angeli will also assume the role of CEO starting May 15, 2024. “This will allow us to guarantee a seamless transition. Giuseppe D'Angeli is very familiar with all company areas. Over the past few months, we have also pushed forward with product development and digitalization together,” explains Daniel Hablützel. “I am therefore stepping into my planned sabbatical with peace of mind, knowing that CARAUKTION AG and its customers are in the best of hands. And I am looking forward to taking on the newly created position of Head of Business Development at the end of January 2025.”

“For our partners and customers, this change means maximum continuity in the management of the company,” confirms the new CEO Giuseppe D'Angeli. “They will continue to benefit from the usual high quality and reliability.” In his new role, Giuseppe D'Angeli will also continue to drive forward the digital transformation of CARAUKTION AG.

“We must deepen this change, reinforce our leadership in innovation for e-business solutions in the remarketing sector, and thus ensure sustainable growth,” adds D'Angeli. “Here, from February 2025, Daniel Hablützel will also play a crucial role as Head of Business Development.” After his sabbatical, the long-standing leader of CARAUKTION will energetically focus on exploring new markets, developing new products and services, and forming strategic partnerships.

CARAUKTION founder and board member Remo Capeder comments on the leadership change from Daniel Hablützel to Giuseppe D'Angeli as CEO of the Swiss market leader in B2B vehicle remarketing: “We are convinced that with the realignment of leadership roles, CARAUKTION's position in the industry will be further strengthened and we can move together towards an even more successful future.”

Photo caption/Photo credits: Daniel Hablützel (left), current CEO of CARAUKTION AG, and Giuseppe D’Angeli, the new CEO of CARAUKTION AG. Photo: CARAUKTION AG

For more information regarding the leadership change at CARAUKTION AG, please contact Giuseppe D'Angeli, CEO of CARAUKTION AG, email, or Daniel Hablützel, email


Founded in 2004 in response to the needs of the automotive and related industries for efficient, transparent, and profitable vehicle remarketing, CARAUKTION has become the largest dynamic purchasing opportunity for vehicles in the Swiss B2B sector. Through long-standing experience, coupled with new capabilities and the merger with carIT AG in 2023, the company from Altendorf SZ with its 40 employees has cemented its market leadership as Switzerland’s largest digital B2B vehicle marketplace. With various upstream and downstream services and white-label platforms surrounding the sales process, CARAUKTION is also the ideal outsourcing partner, taking care of professional sales, comprehensively relieving its customers in remarketing, and also providing data on qualitative “Business to Business” sales figures.